There’s A Giant “Beast Man” Buried In My Backyard -The Letter From My Father Reveals Long Hidden Family Secret

My name is Mirrell and I’m the daughter of a World War II army veteran. My father John returned home after the war and worked until he could purchase the 60 acres of land that we currently live on today. He recently passed on January 03, 2016.

I was feeling a bit emotional about a week ago, so I had my two sons go up to the attic and bring down some of his things that we’d packed away. One of the boxes was water soaked from a leak we didn’t know about, so I started removing the contents so I could throw away the box.

In the box was a stained envelope that had 06-21-63 written in the top left corner. Inside was a two page letter. I unfolded the pages and began reading. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. You can click here to read the full letter.

In the letter, my father claimed that he and his friend both shot a 9ft. tall “beast man” that attacked them while they were out hunting on our property. Along with the letter was a set of directions to where they buried the “beast man” as he called it.

My first thought was that it was a bigfoot, but as you will read in his letter, the first thing he thought was “Goliath”. Myself, my husband, and our sons followed the directions out to the area where they buried the “beast man”, but the landscape has changed a lot since 1963. There are trees, bushes, etc. We want to dig up the area to see if there really is a giant buried on our property. We plan to document everything from beginning to end, and if you’re interested in seeing how this turns out, please click here to receive updates.


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