The Giant Beast Man Is Real and We Have The Evidence To Prove It


In January, we told several of the top Christian experts about a letter left by my father that describes a “Giant Beast Man”. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the kind of advice that we were looking for, but what we did get was the cold hard truth about our situation, and it scared us to death.

We went as far as changing our phone numbers, emails, and cut off all communication about the letter and what might be buried on our property. After a couple of weeks of trying to figure out what we should do, we gathered a small group of family and friends to come up with a solution.

In the end, they were just as curious as we were and we decided pool our knowledge and skills. Myself and some of my friends work construction and other similar jobs, so we know our way around heavy equipment. We knew the general area that we needed to dig, so we rented and borrowed the equipment we needed and got to work.

Click Here To See Over 8 Hours of Video and 1,000+ Pics of The Dig

What Did We Find?


Well, we aren’t entirely sure just yet. Samples have been sent to multiple universities and independent facilities to be tested, and a few of the results have come back inconclusive. This has been one of the most exciting times of our life, and we documented everything.

We have hours and hours of video, and over 1,000 pictures to go with it. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more pics and videos of our dig and discovery. Please make sure you subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of the coming updates. We promise you’ve never seen anything like this before.

Please click here to subscribe to updates. We will be posting more very soon.




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