8+ Hours of Video and 1,000+ Pics – Online

We’ve decided to upload 8+ hours of video and over 1,000 pics of the dig for anyone that wants to view them. You’ll feel like you’re right there with us as you witness the reactions of everyone involved.

In our post yesterday, we failed to mention that we did find remains in addition to fur. Keep in mind that according to the letter, these remains are over 50 years old, so they weren’t easily identifiable, which is why we went the expensive route of DNA testing.

Many people jump to conclusions based only on what they see, and they often backtrack and end up looking silly in public. We didn’t want to make fools of ourselves, so we have done everything we can think of to try to verify our find, but we suspect that there may be some kind of unspoken policy to suppress this info. There aren’t a ton of reputable DNA testing places, so who really knows what happens behind closed doors.

If you’re interested in seeing the pics and video, please use the following link:

Click here to view video and pics of our dig.


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