The Letter

father letter
The Letter I Found In The Box


Where do I begin? I’m not sure to whom I am writing, but I need to make sure someone knows what happened today. Isaiah and I went out today on one of our usual hunting trips, hoping to spot some deer wandering the property, as they sometimes do.

About two hours into our hunting trip, we noticed that it was silent. We didn’t hear any birds or anything else. It was quite odd for a sunny June day. Isaiah stopped walking and just stared at a small group of trees about 30 or 40 yards out. I stopped walking and tried to see what he was looking at. After a few seconds, I thought I saw something move. Isaiah was visibly shaking and quite frankly, seeing him in such a state made me nervous as well.

We waited for about a minute with our guns pointed at it to see if it would move again. After a few more seconds I heard the leaves crunch as a huge, hairy, beast man stepped from behind the trees and grunted. “Stay back!” I yelled out as the word Goliath popped into my head, but he started to walk forward. I don’t know if it was fear or cowardice, but it looked like it wanted to do us harm, and we both fired our weapons. The beast man hit the ground with a thud.

We slowly walked over and Isaiah nudged it with the barrel of his gun. It didn’t move. From head to toe, this beast man was at least nine feet in length and about as wide as myself and Isaiah put together. It was covered in reddish brown hair and smelled something awful, like it had never bathed a day in its life.

Isaiah looked at me and asked, “What is it Johnny?” I just shook my head. We sat there for a while, not saying much. I suspect it was just to take in everything that had just transpired. Without saying anything, Isaiah detached his small shovel from his pack that we would use to bury the entrails after field dressing an animal, and he started digging. I detached mine and started digging with him.

I don’t know how long or how deep we dug, but it was the deepest hole I’d ever dug, and the sun was starting to set as we finished refilling it. We didn’t say much on the walk back to the house. Part of me was nervous, wondering if there were any more of these beast men out here on this property.

Should this note be found, I am including instructions to where we buried the beast man. Maybe it will serve as proof one day that giants might have survived into our current time.

John Blum


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